Monday 24 August 2009

First Post

How ironic, given the title I chose for this blog, that it's taken me half an hour to come up with an idea for a first post. To newcomers to this page (which is all of you, I guess, including me), this is not going to be a 'facebook-style' detailing of the minutae of my daily existence as a writer. Hopefully I'll be too busy actually writing to do that.

This blog is simply intended as a companion to my sideline work as a freelance editor and script consultant, in order to share tips, insights into my methods of working and thinking, comments on broadcast writers' work and what you should or shouldn't learn from them, and no doubt after an imbibing of 'writing fuel', the odd very indiscreet insider-anecdote from my long career.

The idea is that visitors who are thinking about employing my services can get a perspective on my tastes, opinions and style before contacting me to help them turn their script into a masterpiece.

I've promised myself a ten minute daily limit on here, so that's all for now. The real stuff starts tomorrow.

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