Saturday 21 May 2011

Hello? Hello? Am I late?

So.... I kinda let things slide for a while. Well nearly two years. The idea at the time was that I'd start up the Script Doctor page on Facebook and do some kind of double whammy thing in here with weekly posts, going into more depth on the joy of being a writer and all its challenges.

I forgot though that I'm a writer, and as such, spend my time either avoiding writing, or actually doing it. The blogosphere seems to be a sort of halfway house for people who feel inspired to write, but don't actually have anything of any great length to actually write about. I don't mean that in a derogatory way - I subscribe to and enjoy reading a lot of blogs - but it's seems best suited to the well-worked comedy riff, opinion piece or review. I tend not to think that way; my mind either works in complete scripts and stories or long, sprawling narratives that take weeks and months of mapping out and planning; really not the kind of effort or space suitable for this medium.

At various points though, several people have said to me 'What happened to your blog? I liked that', and at various points, I've thought about something and decided 'that's quite a complicated thought process that would get kind of lost on facebook or twitter' and then just given up on it. Plus, right now I'm on a kind of manic upswing, fuelled no doubt by the sudden reappearance of Vitamin D in our lives, but also I think from several recent encounters with readers (I won't call them 'fans' - horrible term). The final straw was commencing my mentalist Nobel prize project; the goal being to read a major work by every Nobel Literature Laureate. Good or bad, I'm pretty sure they're all going to be quite big, complicated books, so if nothing else I can use this space to record my critiques here. To which end.... (see next post)

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