Friday 1 July 2011

STILL not a press release

(so googleblog went a bit whack yesterday so please read the post below then this one)
Guests thus far at SWALC are...
GAIL RENARD who's written bucket loads of telly, was chair of the WGGB for a while and at the tender age of 16 worked her way into a Montreal hotel room to join John and Yoko's bed-in for a week. Her book about the experience 'Give Me a Chance' was released earlier this year, so come talk to her about meeting Lennon and join us in the Lennon-inspired closing singalong.
NICK HARKAWAY's first novel 'Gone Away World' is a critically acclaimed and utterly astonishing mix of political satire, action, SF, emotional heartache, comedy and killer mimes. Nick's a martial artist, inspiring blogger and the son of John Le Carre.
RUFUS DAYGLO took over as artist on the acclaimed comic book Tank Girl from Jamie 'Gorillaz' Hewlett and utterly made it his own. Rufus has a fine collection of taxidermy, some of the wildest tattoos you've ever seen, and he'll be sketching stuff for people and drinking beer.
PEACOCK SEASON is a truly astonishing dark feature length comedy movie about the ugly side of the Edinburgh festival. Shot on a princely budget of £58, the producers called in every favour they could to fill the movie with the cream of international stand-up. We'll be showing the trailer and various members of the cast and crew will be on hand to chat.
PAUL MOSLEY is an astonishing musician and designer; one time member of critically acclaimed 'Moses', as a solo performer he is without a doubt the best indie performer in London. Somewhere between Tom Waits, Nick Drake and Oliver Postgate's composer Vernon Little, Paul's latest album Bad Boy Blue comes with a lushly illustrated book. Paul will be doing a few numbers in the snug and leading the closing singalong at the old joanna.
PHILIP GLADWIN has written for and script-edited countless flagship TV shows, but more recently is best known for the online resource 'Screenwriting Goldmine', a treasure house for writers with a vast array of books and software. Phil will be mingling and generally impersonating a self-effacing George Clooney during the day.
WEBLEY WILDFOOT is a totally fictitious character whose book 'Torch, Wood & Peasants' bears no relation to any TV spin off from any other popular BBC SF show. In no way is it a true account of how shoddily a major broadcaster treats its creative talent, nor is it funny, insightful or contain a commissioned but never used script from the first series of an about-to-be revived show.
And there's me of course... I'll be there to talk about Eastenders, The Bill, Grange Hill, working with Neil Gaiman, Russell T Davies and writing graphic novels. In fact my latest GN, 'City of Demons' opens in the Lord Clyde, so you can take pictures of yourself IN the opening page of the book. How metatextual is that?
And there's LOADS more still to confirm... watch this space.


  1. Members of the Comic Book Alliance will be on hand, signing and talking about their latest publication, Spirit of Hope, a sumptuous new collection of comic art assembled to raise money for earthquake victims in new Zealand and Japan

  2. Another guest signed up - the extremely lovely JEFF POVEY. Jeff has over 20 years of experience as a core writer on shows such as Eastenders, Casualty, Silent Witness and many others. His short film 'Blowing it' was shortlisted for the Film 4 screen awards and his novel 'The Serial Killers Club' is available on Amazon. And yes he wrote THAT episode of Eastenders over christmas, but be nice to him, he's one of the kindest, wisest men in the business.